Let us help keep your laptop, desktop and mobile devices running efficiently. We help choose the best new products when you decide it is time to upgrade. We repair and re-configure your devices when they misbehave. We provide solutions, ask and we will help find the best one for you.

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Online Store

We provide solutions. In sales, you tell us what you need to do and we will help you find the best solution based on your cost and quality requirements.

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Business Solutions

Our business solutions are robust as you need them to be. We can fit in to your existing infrastructure or help you find an effective new solution. On-site and remote support and troubleshooting, networking, sales.

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(Almost) Static Background

This section has a background that moves slightly slower than the user scrolls. This is achieved by changing the top position of the background for every pixel the page is scrolled.

Multiple Backgrounds

The multiple backgrounds applied to this section are moved in a similar way to the first section -- every time the user scrolls down the page by a pixel, the positions of the backgrounds are changed.

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What Happens When JavaScript is Disabled?

The user gets a slap! Actually, all that jQuery does is moves the backgrounds relative to the position of the scrollbar. Without it, the backgrounds simply stay put and the user would never know they are missing out on the awesome! CSS2 does a good enough job to still make the effect look cool.

Specialist Services

All of our billing is itemised! Which means each and every service our technicians perform for you has a well-calculated, standardised rate.

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Custom Rigs

For the nerds, gamers and enthusiasts out there. Put together your own computer using our online form, and we'll build it for you for free.

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Slow or sluggish computer? Viruses running rampant? Or do you just need a fresh start? Tune up your PC for maximum performance.

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